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ENERGY-ONIX:  Tele-Link Internet STL
Tele-Link Internet STL
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The Energy-Onix Tele-Link is the solution that Broadcasters have sought to provide high quality audio transmissions over long distances or from point to point where conventional facilities do not exist, or those that do are of exhorbinant costs. The Tele-Link consists essentially of an enhanced encoder and decoder that permit wideband, reliable transmission over the Internet using a wideband, dedicated connection to and from the Internet. Broadcasters use the free highway to deliver a noise free stereo program with 22KHz response on both left and right channels, as well as AES/EBU digital services. The only operating cost of this system is the charge associated with the wideband Internet connections. Those facilities are now available at practically any location in the United States with either terrestrial or satellite delivered connections providing a data rate of 128kbps or more. Monthly rates for this service can be as low as $20.00 per month for each end of the STL. The Tele-Link has been thoroughly tested under the most challenging conditions and perfect, uninterrupted, noise free, 22 KHz stereo responses has been maintained. For example, in one month of tests, stereo programs were originated in Fort Collins, Colorado and connected via a wideband “cable modem” to the Internet. This signal on the Internet initially went to Salt Lake City, then to St.Louis, then to Nashville, then to Washington D.C. then to New York City and finally to a DSL connection that was attached to the Tele-Link decoder in the Energy-Onix factory in Valatie, N.Y. This Internet path represented well over 3000 miles and at least 25 local servers and yet no degradation occurred in frequency response and quality nor was there any interruptions in service. Features: Full Duplex Operation Permits Simultaneous Transmission in Both Directions Provides Reliable 22 KHz Stereo Audio Response or AES/EBU Digital The Only Usage Costs are the Wideband-Dedicated Connections Continuous Monitoring of Audio Quality and Automatic Restarting of Connections Can Provide Thousands of Miles of STL Stereo Service One Stereo Program can be Fed to Multiple Destinations Real Time Audio and Data Metering Facilities to Play Local Audio and Initiate Pager Alert Under Emergency Conditions Quick and Easy Installation - Pre-Configured Systems Enable Easy Plug and Play Supplied with All Hardware and Software Except Monitor and U.P.S. Power Supply Optional Kits Available for Remote Control of 8 Relays and 5 meter readings Can be Used for Surveillance of Remote Sites Only 128 KB Required for Stereo Transmission in One Direction Can be Used with any Reliable Internet Connection with Static IP, and Adequate Bandwidth (DSL, ISDN, T1, Cable Modem, and Satellite Receiver Systems such as “Starband” ) Mountable on Tabletop or in Standard 19” Rack